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Searching and browsing the web is a task we all perform on a daily basis. But have you ever thought that the website you are visiting might be malicious or may silently download an infected file on your device? If we ask this question to 1000 people, then around 900 of them would answer no. Yes, this is the actual truth; most of the internet users hardly pay attention to the website or web page they are visiting. All they know is entering a keyword and clicking on any link from the top ten results.

Warning you about this doesn’t mean that every web page or website is suspicious, but considering the continuous rise in the number of cyber-attacks compels an individual to think about this. McAfee, the global leader in the world of cybersecurity, is helping Windows, Mac, and mobile phone users to combat all online threats they are not even aware of.

The specialized product that has been taking care of this is McAfee WebAdvisor. This security software safeguards your online identity and also ensures that you surf and search securely. Like any other McAfee product, you can download it from by providing your McAfee account credentials along with the McAfee activation code.

This code can be redeemed from the email ID associated with your McAfee account or from the McAfee retail card you have received with the offline purchase of this product. Once installed, McAfee WebAdvisor protects you from phishing attacks, viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, and malware. Key features of McAfee WebAdvisor include:

  1. Typo protection

Typo is the misspelled keywords that you accidentally type in the search bar. These keywords may show wrong results and take you to a malicious web page. McAfee WebAdvisor protects you from typing an incorrect web address and shows you the suggestions immediately.

  • Misclick Protection

The specialized security program by McAfee instantly blocks a malware or suspicious website if you click them mistakenly.

  • Ensure safe downloads

McAfee WebAdvisor doesn’t allow downloading a program unless it finds it safe and free from viruses.

  • Thousands of Security checks

It makes sure that the antivirus and default firewall is active while you surf over the web.

Get McAfee WebAdvisor today and ensure safe web browsing. For further information on how to download, install, and activate it, contact McAfee support number and receive immediate help from an expert.

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