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McAfee is a market leader among security software and antivirus providers across the world. It ensures the following to computer and mobile phone users:

  • Complete security against all kinds of online threats: viruses, Trojan horses, malware, etc.
  • Safe web browsing
  • Secure web transactions
  • Privacy of your digital data
  • Protection of the software and applications available on your device

To know more about different McAfee anti-viruses, contact McAfee customer support team. You will be assisted with the best possible solution. Once you purchase a McAfee antivirus, the next step is to download, install, and activate it via To ensure the successful installation, there are a few points that you should keep in mind:

Keep a check on these points before you download the antivirus via

To ensure that you successfully download, install, and activate your McAfee antivirus, don’t forget to meet these requirements:

  • Make sure your device has no other security software installed on it as it may raise software conflict and cause the software to malfunction.
  • Verify if your device has sufficient storage space or not
  • Clean all temporary, junk, and residual files from your device
  • Choose your McAfee antivirus carefully
  • Create a new McAfee account, skip the step if you have already created the one during the purchase process
  • Redeem McAfee activation code from your email ID or the back side of McAfee retail card. While there is no hard and fast rule for McAfee activation code redemption, it is recommended to get the standard instructions from experts by dialing McAfee customer support number.

After settling down everything, proceed to McAfee download, McAfee installation, and McAfee activation process by doing what has been instructed below:

  • Visit
  • Enter your 25-digit activation code
  • Submit the key
  • Log in to your McAfee account
  • You can now download McAfee activate file
  • Once the download finishes, double-click this file by finding it from web browser’s downloads history or system’s downloads folder
  • Follow as instructed on the screen
  • Click Install to finish the installation

Downloading and installing McAfee antivirus is not enough; you have to go through the activation to begin the scanning process. For this, you can directly click on the activation notification popping-up in the right corner of your computer screen or the notification panel.

You can also do the same by opening the installed McAfee and visiting the subscription section. Here, you will be asked to provide the 25-digit McAfee activation key you have redeemed earlier. Enter the same, and the antivirus will start running in the background. After every process from completes, you can change scan and other settings according to your preferences.

Why do you need your McAfee account details at

A McAfee account helps in organizing and managing your purchased antivirus subscriptions. It is the place where you can add or remove devices (valid if you have purchased the security software for multiple users). Entering your McAfee account credentials at ensures that the provided product key is registered to your account and cannot be used for any other account.

For further information or to get the instant solution to a glitch occurred during McAfee download, installation, and activation, contact McAfee support number. – Enter McAfee Activate 25 Digit code – McAfee Activate